About us

  CAD-A-LICK was founded in 2019 by a mother and daughter who have a passion for animals. We care about their happiness, well-being, daily life and plan to show this through our facility and features that really show our dedication to your animals.
  We have a combined experience of animal care spanning over 30 years including ownership, fostering animals, working as a veterinarian courier, an at home dog daycare, and pet sitting. Before opening our business, we ran a small daycare and boarding out of our home which resulted in Deb caring for 9 dogs at one time! It was time for us to have something bigger!

  Which lead us to our current facility, where we have 6,300 square feet of floor space to let your pets roam, play and take leisurely naps in a clean and safe environment. The dogs are separated by size and temperament, if needed, to allow for safe play. While in daycare, we always keep our doors open to allow the animals to be inside or outside depending on their wants, and gives them the ability to minimize potty accidents.

  With your help we will be able to understand the unique personalities and needs of your pet.
  When you bring your pet to CAD-A-LICK they will learn to have safe, positive socialization--not only with other animals, but also with our wonderful team. We look forward to building a positive, trusting and valuable life long relationship with you and your pets. 

“Alix one of the most dependable caregivers I've ever dealt with. She always gives special attention to our little dog, Kula, and makes his time without us as carefree as possible. I recommend Alix and her staff to anyone and everyone.”​

Kevin and Jessica Sams,

Kula's owners

“Excellent care for my cats. They never want to leave. Best place ever..”

Bruce Winter,

Charlie and Shadow's owner

Deb Anderson

Deb is a single mom of 7 children. She is originally from Montana, moving to North Dakota for school, and then California for teaching and nannying. She finally moved to Spokane in 1990 to settle down. She is the queen of odd jobs and has held jobs like picking bee butts, job shadowing, courtesy driver, and most currently she is a vet courier. A foster parent of 17 years, and 5 adopted children later, she has truly shown how much she cares for children. Her heart doesn't stop there though; she has also been a foster home for the  Humane Society and Spokanimal too many times to count, resulting in countless animals coming through her home with 5 dogs (Murphy, Max, Molly, Lola, and Marvin) and 1 cat (Miley) staying permanently. There are not enough kids or animals in the world, she has love for them all. 

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Alix Wear

Alix was born and raised in Spokane. During her time at school, she dappled in philosophy, English, data analytics and accounting before deciding that ultimately she would like to own her own business. Being raised by such a strong, caring mother, she has taken on all the cats that have been handed to her and currently has 7 (Callie, Elliott, Sophie, Chester, Brando, Emmett, Maia) in her home.  Of course not wanting to be overrun by cats, she added a Aussiedor, Zoey, to her home who loves hiking and the water. Zoey loves people, cats, and dogs alike. When not working, you will find Alix and Zoey jumping between hiking and swimming at the nearest lake or river!

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