Boarding & Daycare

Our facility is over 6,500 square feet of padded flooring for all your pets' running, playing, tug of warring, toy climbing adventures! We have tried to make it as comfortable and fun for you pets as possible! Need a nap? We have an area for that, as well. We are a "no hitting, no yelling" facility!

For your dogs, we have added padded flooring to help ease the impact on their joints, added multiple watering stations to keep them hydrated, and have given them access to outside at their own convenience! Here at CAD-A-LICK, we believe that your pup knows what is wants, when it wants it, and we have made it our mission to have our facility reflect the needs and wants of every dog. 

For your cats, we have more climbing walls and cat scratching posts than your cat will ever need! With a variety of litter boxes and litter types, we want to ensure that your cats feel at home!

Dog Daycare

Our facility is over 6,500 square feet, with 2,500 of that dedicated to JUST daycare. That doesn't include our outside space! We allow our dogs to roam freely inside and outside, separated by animal size and temperament.

Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether it’s their first Daycare experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, their well being is central to everything we do.

​We are here to cater to you and your animals! We have longer hours to help those without a typical "9-5" job. It is our goal to make your life easier, so if there is anything that you need, just ask! 

We serve both dogs and cats!

Additional Info
For Daycare, Day Stays, and Boarding

Dogs Require:

  • Rabies

  • Canine Distemper (DHPP)

  • Bordetella

  • Upper Respiratory Preventive (Preferred)

  • Dewormed (Preferred)

  • Flea and Tick treated (Preferred)


Cats Require:

  • FVR-CP

  • FELV

  • Rabies

  • Flea and Tick treated (Preferred)


***Animals do not need to be spayed or neutered, but females in  heat will be excused from daycare

***If your dog does not do well with others, but you would like to come hang out with us during they day, we can allocate some space alone

Please bring documentation of vaccinations with you as well as the required paperwork. Click here to download files

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!


Our boarding is in it's own area to allow us to also house antisocial dogs away from the daycare during the day. Each dog has it's own space during their whole stay, with their own bed, water and food bowls.

We also have a smaller area dedicated to cats. As a boarding client, you have the choice of having your pet stay in their rooms or roam freely in their designated area.








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